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It's November, it's time to

"Measure your lifestyle!" national debates, organized by PRAIS Corporate Communications for URSUS Breweries started. On October 29th, at the Law School of Bucharest University, students participated in a lively discussion about major addictions and lifestyle. Important guests debated on the theme: Andreea Raducan, Romanian Olympic Champion at the Olympic Games from Sydney, 2000, Aurora Liiceanu, Dr. Lucian Vasilescu and Claudiu Bleont.

Andeea shared to them successful moments from her career as a gymnast, but also more difficult experiences, such as accidents; thus, for all those present in the debate, she was a clear example of responsibility in choosing and pursuing a career with a lot of efforts, ambition and dedication.

The website was launched during the first debate of this autumn; there, the students can find out interesting information about lifestyle and alcohol, they can read the winning essays in the period March 2006 - May 2007, and they can participate in the online essay-writing contest and send their opinions about the website created specially for them.

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