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Crisis communication management

The communication process, difficult in the best of times, is severely tested in situations of crisis, when there is a high degree of uncertainty. A crisis puts a great deal of pressure on organisations to provide accurate, complete information to the media and public as quickly as possible.

We believe that the role of crisis communication management is to help the company demonstrate its maturity and sense of responsibility.

PRAIS approach ensures anticipation and crisis prevention, rapid response, as well as assistance in decision making, when solving an emerging or established crisis.

The assistance we offer always starts with the audit of potential risks that may affect the company's image and will include monitoring and documentation on specific subjects, development of made-to-measure tools, gathering of reference information, elaboration of procedures.

Crisis simulation is a part of the crisis prevention kit we conceive, in order to evaluate if procedures are implemented and reflexes acquired.

We also offer strategic consultancy for crisis management, helping our clients to adapt the messages, identify the players, and manage relations with various audiences.

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