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Corporate Social Responsibility

PRAIS Corporate Communications, 18 years of promoting another kind of progress!
Over 18 years,   PRAIS Corporate Communications consultants have created and implemented more than 2,000 PR campaigns. Of them, 18 national CSR programs have used modern techniques of social marketing. The projects focused on educating the young generation, the families, for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle – a trend aligned to the new global culture and market LOHAS "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” to which PRAIS adhered.  The programmes were developed on average for 4 years and have successfully addressed millions of people in the country.

Results? International recognition in Tokyo. The IPRA jury awarded the “Golden World Award” to PRAIS  Company, for the best CSR programme, and the “IPRA Grand PRIZE”,  for the best PR programme for the year 1999 in all categories. The project, a pioneer project in Europe, promoted balanced nutrition and physical activities for the young generation – an initiative conducted for 8 years together with Kraft. At the Romanian PR Awards 2006, the jury awarded the “Silver Award for Excellence” to Danone-Tempo-Prais Communications for the launching campaign of Danone Fresh Milk “With love, for you”,  a project which won the IPRA Golden World Award in 2007, in the "product launch" category. In 2007 PRAIS was nominated by the IPRA jury for the national planting movement “Millions of People, Millions of Trees”.

 „20 multinational companies, professional associations have expressed their trust in PRAIS projects. Large companies and brands affiliate to the important causes on the long term, and get involved in social marketing.  In autumn, we will launch a new national movement, aiming at a healthy lifestyle. Over the last 8 months, we were invited in Belgium, France, Spain, for seminars and conferences, to present our experience and new project”, declares Silvia Bucur, Managing Director PRAIS.

Other large CSR projects of PRAIS?  “SPA – Food Product Safety” – the first national programme to inform consumers, developed successfully, for many years, with Danone, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nestlé, Orkla Foods, Unilever. The “Millions of People, Millions of Trees” movement with the educational component: “Your World? Clean!”, supported since establishment by Lafarge and Smithfield, as well as the new pilot educational programme “Fruit class” supported by Dole Company.

PRAIS Foundation launched in September 2006 the first national movement which registered a record cumulated number of plantings in 6 years: 67,545,738 trees and 28,966,960 younglings and plants. 700 organisations, 98,000 volunteers and 91,000 employees. The movement has been officially recognised by the United Nations for Environment Program (UNEP) and is developed under the logo of UNEP’s global programme „Plant for the Planet”. The website has visitors from 40 countries.

"The movement has received the international recognition of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and is conducted under the aegis of UNEP and its global programme „Plant for the Planet”. This recognition marks our contribution to the UNEP – “One Billion Trees” campaign – which is a great honour for PRAIS Foundation and its partners alike”, declared Silvia Bucur, President PRAIS Foundation.

The national planting movement is open to all companies, foundations, organisations and institutions in Romania. The Ministry of Environment and the National Environment Guard are the institutional partners of the movement.

Since its very first edition, the national planting movement was nominated for the best environmental CSR programme by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA), as part of the international competition „IPRA Golden World Awards”.

Every year, on World Environment Day, the most active foundations, schools, municipalities, companies, forestry authorities and other organisations which register the largest number of plantings were awarded the Millions of People, Millions of Trees trophy.

„OLTENIȚA ÎN MIȘCARE!” was launched in 2017 in partnership with Panovia Company, Oltenita City Hall and local School Inspectorate, Sport University in Bucharest UNEFS, aiming to promote physical activities to children in the city of Oltenita, with the involvement of sport professors and school teachers, as well as parents. More than 1000 pupils aged between 6 and 10 from 5 schools, 60 professors and more than 2000 of family members took part to the program’s activities, developed during 4 months, until end of school year in June.

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