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Media relations

Extensive at national level

To understand value it is vital to understand how the company's image, products and activities are projected. Some media challenges can - and should - be anticipated. Others can appear like a bolt from the blue.

We build for our clients' strong, long-term relations with the national/local/regional media. We conduct proactive media campaigns, design and implement media strategies, and train company communicators.

Our team successfully organises

Press conferences

Local or international media tours, round tables and debates with key media players

Direct media campaigns at national level

Production of TV news, multimedia presentations, printings

All related logistics


We offer our clients daily press review monitoring on subjects of interest, together with the translation of articles and press materials, upon client's request.

PRAIS covers quantitative and qualitative media coverage, promoting the deontological approach “no cash for editorial”. Profound press analyses evaluating media impact are available.

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