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Record plantings at the second edition of the national movement "Millions of People, Millions of Trees": 11,252,585 trees and 3,885,896 younglings and plants

Bucharest, June 9th, 2008. The second edition of the national planting movement "Millions of People, Millions of Trees", launched by PRAIS Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the National Environment Guard awards its winners. At the national level, 90 companies, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations registered in the movement and planted 11,252,585 trees and 3,885,896 younglings and plants through the actions of 15,979 volunteers and 21,051 employees " the list of winners is attached. “It is time to create new synergies between the organisations, to support the volatile economic environment of this century. We are confronted with realities connected to major climate changes, increase in energy cost, food crisis. Humanity set out to take actions now: reclaim the environment, secure a healthy lifestyle for the population, give them access to education, personal development, culture, develop new energy sources and environment-friendly industries. Let us act, instead of talk, be careful, instead of careless. These are not only catchy phrases, but attitudes that will decide our future," declared Silvia Bucur, President of PRAIS Foundation. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) acknowledged the national movement Millions of People, Millions of Trees, since its first edition. The programme was nominated in 2007 to the IPRA Golden World Awards, in the category environmental programmes. In order to provide as many companies, organisations, institutions as possible with the opportunity to plant and register in the movement, from the second edition, Prais Foundation introduced two sections on the website
1. Section A " addressing institutions, companies, organisations planting voluntarily;
2. Section B " addressing state institutions who have planting as their object of activity, carried out by their employees.
The national planting movement "Millions of People, Millions of Trees" is possible due to the support of URSUS Breweries, founding member, the companies Lafarge Romania, Lockheed Martin, PepsiAmericas, as main sponsors. The movement is open to all companies who want to support it.