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Nutrilite celebrates 75 years of existence

30.09.2009, Bucuresti. To celebrate 75 years of existence, PRAIS Corporate Communications organized for Nutrilite, Amway a press campaign. Over 50 publications were informed about the accomplishments of NUTRILITE™ over the past 75 years.  NUTRILITE™ is the undisputed leader and a respected voice in the field of nutrition and health, so the 75 years anniversary highlights this success.

NUTRILITE™ is the worldwide leader in the vitamins, minerals and nutrition supplements area,  according to sales results in 2008 (sustained by a Euromonitor International study). The research made by  Euromonitor International shows the leader position of NUTRILITE™. The closest competitor  registered less than a half from the sales of NUTRILITE™, in the same interval.

This results show that  NUTRILITE™ maintains its worldwide leader position for the 7th consecutive year, demonstrates the brands’ authority on this competitive market.

In the present, millions of people in over 50 countries all over the world count on the nutritional excellence of NUTRILITE™.

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