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Contest - Laboratoires Urgo

Since the beginning of the year, PRAIS Corporate Communication team organized for Laboratoires Urgo 9 contests in the online and print media.

The purpose of the contest was to promote Laboratoires Urgo products, such as the immune system products Alvityl 11 vitamins, Alvityl Comprimé and Alvityl Defenses, HUMEX 100% Sea Water for Children and Humex 100% Sea Water for Adults, also the special kits for the summer containing URGO plasters with antiseptic solution as well as for adults and kids. The contests were held on 7th of the most important lifestyle and fashion sites, on Facebook, and in Libertatea pentru femei magazine. During this period of time, over 340.000 visitors have seen the contests, reaching a total number of 31.673 participants.


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