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Award ceremony of the „UNESCO L’Oréal For women in science” national programe

Bucharest, June 29th 2010. PRAIS Corporate Communications organized for L’Oréal Romania the award ceremony of the „UNESCO L’Oréal For women in science” national scholarship for research programe. The winner of the first edition is Ruxandra Jurcut, universitary assistant at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Farmacy.

The programe, launched in Romania at the end of 2009, encourages the activity of young women researchers in our country. Ruxandra Jurcut will receive a scholarship of 42.000 Ron, which will help her research activities.

Her winnig project consist in making the first genetic screening study in Romania, for the thrombotic factors at young patients who suffer an acute heart attack or other thrombotic events. The results of the study will allow having a coherent management of this population, special through its age and need for social reinsertion.